Those Summer Months

Master your Tricks Off-Season


do what your good at

The perfect time to master your aerial moves is with a trampoline and bring sunny day.  In my post Do What You’re Good At (and ride!) I talked about how you should focus on mastering.

More importantly I talked about not doing what you’re bad at.

Never spend time working on things you aren’t naturally good at.  If this means putting together the trampoline… hire someone!  If this means cutting the grass… hire someone!

Quick Story on a Mistake I made..

My father always spent his time outside of the office on our lawn.  Whether he was outside raking, cutting the grass or pruning the bushes… it was always something.  I always would ask him – “Dad, why don’t you hire someone do that?”.  He’s always reply – “Because it’s cheaper to do it myself”.  His motto is as follows:

Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself?

I was not as sharp witted as I am now.  I didn’t have a great response for that.  Nowadays I’d say to him.. “Dude that’s not worth your time!”.

The thing is cutting grass is very time consuming.  Raking up leaves literally takes hours.  I’d much rather hire a local landscaper to do the work for me than do it myself.  Think about your own hourly rate.

How much do you pay yourself for the activities that you’re performing on a regular basis?

Is it $10 an hour, $20 an hour… what is it?  It’s gotta be high if you’re snowboarding every weekend!  Why would you “pay” yourself a low hourly rate to do work that you’re not naturally good at or that’s not the best use of your time.

I always hire a landscaper to do my lawn work for me.  One of the best landscapers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with is out of Fairfield, Connecticut.  His website is and he does everything from Tick Control & Tick Spraying to Landscape Design, Masonry, Lawn Care and lawn maintenance.  He takes care of my lawn like it’s his own and makes it look really good.  One of the best things about Stopa Landscaping is his prices.  He gives a fair price for all his lawn maintenance work.  One time when he had a serious injury he visited Park City Physical Therapy for relief.

Moral of the Story

Spend your time doing things that either make the most sense financially or spiritually.  I personally spend my time in the summer playing with my kids or working on my snowboarding skills on the trampoline.

Check out this awesome video by snowboard addiction on how to improve your riding during the summer with a trampoline board:


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