The Impact of Expense

Snowboarding is Expensive..

In my last post I talked about how snowboarding is life.  Now I want to talk about the impact of snowboarding on life.


Everyone says snowboarding is expensive which I agree with 100%.

However, the fact that it is expensive creates a great impact on those people’s lives who enjoy the hobby.

Ever notice that the people with the fastest cars are usually much better off than the people driving around a Subaru?  Unless they are going snowboarding that is!

It’s not a coincidence.  It’s rather a cause and effect.  The effect of having an expensive hobby causes people do work hard, get betters jobs and make more money.

Entrepreneurs have expensive hobbies.  My point is to inform you that the reason they have those hobbies isn’t because they have money.  It is the other way around.  They have money because they have those hobbies.

Amazing right?

So what!

Exactly, so what?!  So, another excuse to get on the board!  Not really, more like the fact of the matter that being a snowboarder is much more than a hobby.  Being a snowboarder is lifestyle.

Snowboarding is Life

Be in Life

Ever been addicted to cigarrettes?  It feels like nothing is good unless you’re smoking.  The addiction is so strong that it takes over your whole world.

What’s that got to do with snowboarding?

Snowboarding is the opposite of that.  Feeling the snow underneath your board.  Hearing the scrape or slide of the snow you’re riding on.  That’s life.

Life is about being in the moment.  Snowboarding is being in the moment.

Concentration is hard, but being one with the board is easy