Those Summer Months

Master your Tricks Off-Season


do what your good at

The perfect time to master your aerial moves is with a trampoline and bring sunny day.  In my post Do What You’re Good At (and ride!) I talked about how you should focus on mastering.

More importantly I talked about not doing what you’re bad at.

Never spend time working on things you aren’t naturally good at.  If this means putting together the trampoline… hire someone!  If this means cutting the grass… hire someone!

Quick Story on a Mistake I made..

My father always spent his time outside of the office on our lawn.  Whether he was outside raking, cutting the grass or pruning the bushes… it was always something.  I always would ask him – “Dad, why don’t you hire someone do that?”.  He’s always reply – “Because it’s cheaper to do it myself”.  His motto is as follows:

Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself?

I was not as sharp witted as I am now.  I didn’t have a great response for that.  Nowadays I’d say to him.. “Dude that’s not worth your time!”.

The thing is cutting grass is very time consuming.  Raking up leaves literally takes hours.  I’d much rather hire a local landscaper to do the work for me than do it myself.  Think about your own hourly rate.

How much do you pay yourself for the activities that you’re performing on a regular basis?

Is it $10 an hour, $20 an hour… what is it?  It’s gotta be high if you’re snowboarding every weekend!  Why would you “pay” yourself a low hourly rate to do work that you’re not naturally good at or that’s not the best use of your time.

I always hire a landscaper to do my lawn work for me.  One of the best landscapers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with is out of Fairfield, Connecticut.  His website is and he does everything from Tick Control & Tick Spraying to Landscape Design, Masonry, Lawn Care and lawn maintenance.  He takes care of my lawn like it’s his own and makes it look really good.  One of the best things about Stopa Landscaping is his prices.  He gives a fair price for all his lawn maintenance work.  One time when he had a serious injury he visited Park City Physical Therapy for relief.

Moral of the Story

Spend your time doing things that either make the most sense financially or spiritually.  I personally spend my time in the summer playing with my kids or working on my snowboarding skills on the trampoline.

Check out this awesome video by snowboard addiction on how to improve your riding during the summer with a trampoline board:


Do What You’re Good At (and ride!)

Focus on Mastering..

Many people focus so much time on getting better at something they aren’t naturally good at.  That’s what I’d call a waste.

If you never grew up snowboarding… you’ll never appreciate it.


Growing up I knew that I was really good at certain things, but very bad at other things.  I was good with my mouth (not that way!) because I could convince others to do things for me.

I realized I could get out of trouble easily and found myself getting into situations purposely because I could talk my way out.  My brother didn’t have the same set of skills.  He was good with his hands.

My brother could fix anything.  Him and my father connected very well because they both liked to fix things.  My father and I didn’t connect much at all.  In fact, I didn’t even get along well with my dad.  That relationship transformed my life and instead of skiing like the rest of my family was… I became a snowboarder.

My point is that you shouldn’t do things you’re not good at.  You should only do things that you’re good at naturally and master those things.

Quick Story about Mastering..

My family was over the house the other day because we have the holidays approaching.  My fridge broken the week before.  A broken refrigerator before the holidays can do some real damage.  We take our kitchen appliances for granted sometimes and without my refrigerator working I was about to be in some trouble.  So I called up this Appliance Repair Service in Norwalk to see if they could head over to my home and get my refrigerator fixed.  Sure enough a repair technician was on his way to my home in a jiffy.  The repair costed $215 and was done in about an hour.  It was rather a quick service visit, but all I cared about is that my refrigerator was fixed.  No more broken fridge spoiling my holiday meals!

My family found out about this recent repair I had paid for and immediately exclaimed “Why didn’t you try to repair it yourself?  You could have saved yourself $215!  That’s a a lot of money!”  They had a good point, but not a great point.  The great point would have been the fact that I would have to spend hours of my time to learn how to repair an appliance in the first place.

Those hours would have been spent in a much better way by working on my sales skills or getting on the phone with some clientele.  In my last post I talked about how expensive snowboarding is, but what’s even more expensive is wasting your time doing things that you’re not amazing at!

Hone your skill set.  Keep your skill set small and focused and you shall grow.

The Impact of Expense

Snowboarding is Expensive..

In my last post I talked about how snowboarding is life.  Now I want to talk about the impact of snowboarding on life.


Everyone says snowboarding is expensive which I agree with 100%.

However, the fact that it is expensive creates a great impact on those people’s lives who enjoy the hobby.

Ever notice that the people with the fastest cars are usually much better off than the people driving around a Subaru?  Unless they are going snowboarding that is!

It’s not a coincidence.  It’s rather a cause and effect.  The effect of having an expensive hobby causes people do work hard, get betters jobs and make more money.

Entrepreneurs have expensive hobbies.  My point is to inform you that the reason they have those hobbies isn’t because they have money.  It is the other way around.  They have money because they have those hobbies.

Amazing right?

So what!

Exactly, so what?!  So, another excuse to get on the board!  Not really, more like the fact of the matter that being a snowboarder is much more than a hobby.  Being a snowboarder is lifestyle.

Snowboarding is Life

Be in Life

Ever been addicted to cigarrettes?  It feels like nothing is good unless you’re smoking.  The addiction is so strong that it takes over your whole world.

What’s that got to do with snowboarding?

Snowboarding is the opposite of that.  Feeling the snow underneath your board.  Hearing the scrape or slide of the snow you’re riding on.  That’s life.

Life is about being in the moment.  Snowboarding is being in the moment.

Concentration is hard, but being one with the board is easy